Cape Dory Typhoon, Weekender

Cape Dory Typhoon, Weekender

Friday, February 19, 2016

Final Install of Coaming Boards, Mast Step, and Finish Paint of Hatches

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Working to put the boat back together is so much more enjoyable than pulling it apart; however, it seems to take just as long, or longer.  During my work on this day, I installed the coaming boards using 1/4"-20 stainless steel machine screws, finish washers, and backed with flat washers and nuts.

The appearance of the Typhoon instantly improved with the warm woodwork installed.

I would later clean up the teak brown BoatLife caulk.

Things are looking good...

I also installed the mast step, bedding it with the same teak brown BoatLife caulk.

I utilized a backing plate on the two aft fasteners.  I could not use a backing plate for the forward fastener due to the length of the machine screw itself.

The last order of business was to sand the primed companionway hatch and cockpit locker lids with 220-grit paper, and then put a finish coat of the Interlux Perfection on them.

Total Time: 8 Hrs.

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