Cape Dory Typhoon, Weekender

Cape Dory Typhoon, Weekender

Friday, February 19, 2016

Brightwork Kind of Day

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Having the day off from work, I spent a good portion of the day installing various pieces of the boat's trim.  I began with the cockpit seat trim, installing them with stainless steel #12-24 machine screw, finish washers and backed with flat washers and nuts.

I then installed the aft cockpit trim - spanning the aft portion of the coaming boards and just forward of the poop deck.  The trim piece was installed with stainless steel 1/4"-20 machine screws with finish washers and backed with flat washers and nuts.

While I was in the area, I re-installed the builder's plate (Hull # 1504).

I moved up to the companionway hatch, and installed the vertical trim pieces with #10 stainless steel screws and finish washers.

The trim required three screws per side.

Moving up to the companionway slide trim, I installed the cabin roof companionway trim that locks the companionway slide hatch in place.  The trim was installed with a good bed of teak brown BoatLife caulk, #10 screws with finish washers.

The trim was secured with four screws per side.

I also installed the upped and lower hatch trim.

These final pieces concluded the companionway trim components.

I then turned to the taff rail installation, and started by countersinking the pre-drilled fastener holes.  Countersinking will allow for more caulk to fill and protect the fastener holes from water intrusion.   After I had countersunk the pre-drilled fastener holes, I then countersunk the pre-drilled fastener holes on the underside of the taff rail itself.  I applied a generous amount of the teak brown BoatLife caulk and then placed the taff rail on the deck.  I worked from the port side, installing one screw at a time and worked to finish up on the starboard side.

With the taff rail in place, I worked to install the backstay fitting prior to knocking off for the day.  I ran into some trouble with the installation that would eventually require me to squeeze myself into the aft recesses of the boat to grind out some rough fiberglass work.  With the area beneath the poop deck addressed, I then successfully installed the backstay fitting with 1/4"-20 silicon bronze machine screws backed with flat washers and nuts.

Total Time: 8 Hrs.

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