Cape Dory Typhoon, Weekender

Cape Dory Typhoon, Weekender

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hardware Install & Naming

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Well into the final stages of this restoration, I used the time this Sunday afternoon to continue the hardware installation, and reserved some time for the naming graphic.

After the mainsheet cam cleat was installed, I managed to fetch the camera and snap a photo.  The cleat sits atop a teak block, as most of the hardware will do.  Next, I moved to the stand-up blocks for the mainsheet.  I decided against over-drilling and filling with epoxy feeling that the fiberglass backing plates would be enough to adequately secure the blocks.

I used the teak brown Boatlife Life-calk to bed the teak blocks, and secured the stand-up blocks with stainless steel machine screws.  As mentioned above, I used fiberglass backing plates secured with washers and nuts.  The double purchase that the blocks provide for the mainsheet, coupled with the backing plates, should minimize movement of the hardware resulting in water intrusion.  (famous last words)

Next, I installed the jib sheet cam cleats.

Things got a bit messy, with clean-up to come, but I managed to seat the teak blocks and the cam cleats secured with washer and acorn nuts.

With daylight quickly fading, I turned to the naming graphic.  I positioned the name on the transom, stood back and made minor adjustments until I was satisfied with the result.

Placing a strip of tape through the middle of the graphic, I then peeled back one side.  Once I had a side peeled back to the strip of tape, I carefully removed the backing paper with a razor blade.  I then uses a squeegee to firmly press the graphic onto the transom, and slowly moved to the outboard edge while applying a steady and firm "wiping" motion across the graphic.  I then repeated this process on the opposite side of the strip of tape.

I then carefully removed the outer protective sheet, leaving the name proudly displayed on her transom.

Getting close...

Total Time: 5 Hrs.

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